Policy Manual

1.0 Code of Conduct
2.0 Equal Opportunity Policy
3.0 Recruitment Policy
3.1 Induction
3.2 Absenteeism
3.3 Expense Reimbursement
3.4 Gifts and Gratuities Policy
4.0 Alcohol & Drugs Policy
5.0 No Smoking Policy
6.0 Anti Discrimination Policy
6.1 Sexual Harassment
7.0 Company Property Policy
8.0 Customer Service Policy
9.0 Personal Protective Equipment Policy
10.0 Intellectual Property Policy
11.0 Confidentiality of Information Policy
12.0 Privacy of Information Policy
13.0 Fatigue Management Policy
14.0 Fit for Duty Policy
15.0 Grievances and Disputes Policy
16.0 Mobile Phones, Email and Internet Policy
16.1 Mobile Phones
16.2 Email and Internet
16.3 Offensive or Inappropriate Material
16.4 Social Media
17.0 Motor Vehicle Policy
17.1 Approved Drivers
17.2 Private Use
17.3 Care of Company Vehicle
17.4 Fuel Charge Cards
17.5 Insurance
17.6 Traffic Offences and Accidents
17.7 Alcohol and Drugs
17.8 Misdemeanour
18.0 Licensing Policy

19.0 Policy Breach/s

1.0 Code of Conduct

All workers should adopt a work ethic, which will lead to increased productivity and keep all rework to an absolute minimum.
The following misconduct may warrant immediate suspension whilst being investigated and may result in dismissal following appropriate disciplinary action being taken:

  • stealing;
  • violence;
  • sexual harassment;
  • neglect of duty;
  • breach of safety procedures;
  • fraud such as deliberate misrepresentation of time sheets, purchase documents, store, documents, etc.;
  • being under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances; and
  • malicious damage of assets and deliberate damage to workers property.

Note: Workers should make every effort to adhere to procedures; failure to ensure these procedures are carried out may result in disciplinary action being taken.
If it is alleged that a worker has conducted themself in a manner as outlined above, the following actions will be taken:
An investigation will be conducted to determine what circumstances should be taken into account in deciding whether to dismiss the worker. From the investigation it will be determined what the worker has done or has failed to do. Any allegations resulting from the above will be explained to the worker.
The worker will be given a fair opportunity to be heard on any allegations.
If the worker is regarded as guilty, he or she must be given a fair opportunity to be heard on whether a dismissal should take place.
We will take into account matters not directly connected with the alleged offence that might mitigate the penalty.

2.0 Equal Opportunity Policy

365 Facilities Management is committed to providing employment conditions that ensure equal employment opportunities and which are free from unlawful discriminatory practices. Such employment conditions must reflect both relevant legislation and current community standards. The policy of selection based on merit is compatible with 365 Facilities Management principles.
365 Facilities Management is the creation of conditions that ensures that all people have an equal chance to seek and obtain employment and promotion. 365 Facilities Management requires that Workers are selected, promoted and treated on the basis of their individual talents and capabilities. All 365 Facilities Management legislation prohibits discrimination in employment (and other defined areas) on the grounds of sex, marital status, pregnancy, parental status, age, race, impairment, religion, political belief or activity, trade union activity, lawful sexual activity, breast feeding (goods and services area) and association with or relation to a person identified on the basis of any of the above attributes.
This is to be achieved by developing a 365 Facilities Management’ Management plan that will;

  • Enable members of the following target groups…
    • people with a disability
    • women
    • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People; and
    • people of a non-English speaking background
  • to compete in employment and pursue careers as effectively as others who are not members of the target groups;
  • Eliminate unlawful discrimination against members of the target groups with respect to employment matters.

3.0 Recruitment Policy

365 Facilities Management’s policy is to recruit and retain the most competent people who have the legal right to work in Australia and will contribute to the Company’s business objectives.

All new positions and permission to replace existing positions must be approved by the CEO prior to be advertised.
Recruitment procedures must be carried out in a fair, consistent and professional manner and comply with all relevant statutory requirements, including EEO legislation.
Our policy is to encourage internal promotion unless the specialist skills and appropriate experience for the position are not available from within the Company.
Management and administration positions advertised externally must also be advertised internally to staff within the 365 Facilities Management across all business we operate within Australia. All promotions and recruitment must be approved using the two tier management practice:
i.e. with the approval of the Manager’s manager. Interviews should be conducted by 2 or more people.
On promotion or recruitment, job-specific objectives should be established to allow future measurement of performance in line with annual reviews.
All new employees will be subject to a probationary period of between 3 and 6 months. Any variance to this criteria must be agreed to by the CEO
Conditions of employment and the remuneration package for new appointees must be consistent with company policies, award provisions, industrial/enterprise agreements and statutory requirements.


All new employees and contractors must complete an induction programme upon their commencement. An induction booklet is available for contractors and award employees to assist this process.
This induction may need to be conducted off the work site, at the work site or both.
An induction gives the employee or contractor an opportunity to learn about the history of the organisation, and specific company policies and procedures and safe work methods.
An effective induction programme involves more than just introducing a new employee to his/her job and colleagues. It is a strategy to assist the employee or contractor fit into the new role, work team and organisation.
It is also a critical step by informing an employee or contractor on Quality Safety & Environmental responsibilities before they commence their engagement.
The main aspects of the induction process are:
An introduction to the organisation
Familiarise the employee/ contractor with the details of their position/ contract agreement and the interaction within the business.
Their contribution to Quality Safety & Environmental responsibilities.
Familiarise the employee/ contractor with other positions and operations within 365 Facilities Management.
Understand the requirements and expectations in delivering the service standard required by our clients as part of our contractual obligations.
The outcome of all inductions is to ensure all our staff and contractors are legal, safe and compliant prior to the commencement of their first shift on site and feel a level of comfort in the systems and processes to support them.


New employees may required to undergo a training period prior commencing duties according to the site &/or client requirements OR in the event to develop required skill levels to perform the duties. Duration of training &/or licensing are determined by 365 Facilities Management according to position required. It is expected that all employees continue their duties for minimum of four (4) weeks if paid training is required prior commencing the position.

All contractors are not entitled for any training and considered that all relevant skill levels and license are satisfactory level prior accepting the work.


365 Facilities Management expects that all workers will be available for work at every time that they are expected or rostered to be. Absenteeism is the situation where a worker is not at work, including late arrival and/or early finishing, taking extended breaks or other temporary absence, or failing to come to work at all. Absenteeism can disrupt or adversely affect our operations, and our aim is the minimisation of these occurrences.
We may require workers to provide reasonable evidence to support the reasons for their absence, including the requirement to provide a legitimate medical certificate signed by a medical practitioner. We will monitor worker absences to detect those which are becoming frequent absences or forming a pattern. We will discuss these with the worker, and offer assistance as part of the standard disciplinary process if there is a valid reason for absences.
Management of 365 Facilities Management will develop and communicate behavioural standards for workers, and implement procedures for dealing with worker absenteeism. Procedures will be developed for managerial intervention to deal with absenteeism caused by work-related factors, and workers will be encouraged to seek suitable assistance and counselling where personal matters are a causative factor.
Workers will be encouraged to limit absenteeism to instances of genuine need, and will be required to advise any absenteeism at the earliest opportunity to minimise workplace disruption caused by their absence.
Where applicable, workers will be required to provide valid documentary evidence to support their absence from work.

Expense Reimbursement

365 Facilities Management will ensure that our workers do not incur expenses without the proper authority, and ensure that workers are reimbursed for any authorised out-of-pocket expenses necessarily incurred as part of their job.
We will reduce the need for workers to incur expenses on behalf of 365 Facilities Management by ensuring that all goods and services are procured from approved suppliers with whom 365 Facilities Management has a purchasing arrangement as far as possible. Where goods or services are not able to be provided by these suppliers, we will advise workers of preferred suppliers who should be used wherever practicable. We will implement guidelines for purchasing work-related items either by cash or credit, and procedures for reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses.
Line management must authorise any purchasing of goods or services necessary for the continued operation of the workplace, and to monitor all purchases made to ensure that guidelines are followed.
Company credit cards should be used for purchases where possible, and delivery notes or tax invoices must be obtained for all purchases, and  submitted to the employee’s supervisor or other authorised person for verification and processing as per company procedures.
Workers who are required to travel as part of their employment will ensure that validation of all expenses incurred is obtained and provided to the person who will incur the expense. For substantiation of expenses, a record must be kept that records the activity being undertaken, the date, time and location of each activity, and the duration of the activity.
Substantiation (such as a valid tax invoice providing details of the goods or services) must be obtained for all purchases, and provided as evidence of the expense before approval of the reimbursement is made

Gifts and Gratuities Policy

365 Facilities Management greatly values the importance of good supplier and client relationships. Our relationships are based upon mutual respect and cooperation. We believe the success of our relationship relies heavily on a clear understanding of 365 Facilities Management’s values and how they relate to our individual business relationships.
The 365 Facilities Management policy prohibits employees and contractors who represent our business from soliciting or accepting gifts or gratuities from trade suppliers or our clients. It is our expectation, and we request that gifts or gratuities not be offered or sent to any representative directly.
Gifts and gratuities include, but are not limited to;
Cash, tickets to events, entertainment generally, paid vacations (even if connected to a supplier site visit or training program), electronic equipment, liquor, food, golf, and other items of value.
365 Facilities Management further prohibits its representatives from engaging in any business-related activity in any adult entertainment clubs or similar establishments regardless of who is paying.
However, 365 Facilities Management does understand that reasonable business meals included in the agenda of (or which immediately precede or follow) a business meeting may be acceptable. However, such meals may not be lavish or frequent.
Whilst we understand it is customary and in the spirit of goodwill for some suppliers to offer gifts, we believe gifts from our suppliers are inappropriate and can be construed inappropriately, however unintentionally, and lead to misunderstanding and embarrassment.
Accordingly, disregard of this policy can lead to remedial actions including contract terminations. We respectfully request your understanding and continued cooperation regarding our Gifts & Gratuities policy when dealing with 365 Facilities Management representatives.
Respectfully, if a customer or trade client still wishes to offer a gift or gratuity, all submissions must be made in writing prior and receive approval from the CEO or General Manager.

4.0 Alcohol & Drugs Policy

365 Facilities Management is committed to providing a safe, healthy and productive workplace.
We recognise that alcohol and other drug abuse can have an adverse effect upon an individual’s ability to perform effectively and safely and therefore endanger themselves, their fellow workers, and the public.
Workers shall not perform any task whilst under the influence of alcohol or any other drug.
Workers shall not use, possess, distribute or sell alcoholic beverages, illicit or non-prescribed drugs or misuse legitimate prescription drugs while at work, We have a ZERO tolerance to drug and alcohol use
Workers and subcontractors shall be prohibited from entry to site if under the influence of alcohol or any other drug. If any worker or subcontractor is the subject of a random alcohol/drug test and they register blood content reading above the legally acceptable amount, they will be dismissed immediately.
However, we will make every effort to provide assistance and rehabilitation in the form of reference to medical help (or counselling if required) if the issue is raised prior to a breach in policy.

5.0 No Smoking Policy

Environmental tobacco smoke is considered a potential health risk and there is now sufficient evidence that passive smoking (that is, the inhalation of second hand smoke) increases the risk of lung cancer. Passive smoking is also dangerous for people with pre-existing heart or lung conditions and can trigger asthma attacks, cause chest infections, headaches and sore throats.
As an employer, we have a duty under the legislation to provide and maintain a safe working environment and to protect the health of all workers from illness or injury arising from the workplace. To protect the health of all workers from the ill effects of cigarette smoke at work, we have adopted a policy of providing a smoke free workplace.
It is recognised that, while this initiative will provide a positive benefit to all staff, some workers may have difficulty in adjusting, particularly those whose smoking habit is a long standing one. Every effort will be made to assist smokers to adapt to working conditions under the policy. It must be stressed, that breach of this policy will be dealt with in the same manner as a breach of any Work Health and Safety Policy.
Smoking shall not be allowed in any company owned/occupied building, vehicle or plant. Smoking shall not be allowed in or on the grounds of any customer’s premises.
Smoking is only permitted on lunch and allocated breaks, and must be out of sight of customer’s premises or in a dedicated smoking area.

6.0 Anti Discrimination Policy

365 Facilities Management is an equal opportunity employer. All workers are treated on their merits, without regard to race, age, sex, marital status or any other factor not applicable to the position. Workers are valued according to how well they perform their duties, their ability and enthusiasm to maintain company standards of service.
Discrimination undermines proper working relations and may cause low morale, absenteeism and resignations. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination. We believe all workers have the right to work in an environment free of discrimination and harassment.
Under Federal and State anti-discrimination laws, discrimination in employment on the following grounds is against the law:

  • sex
  • marital status
  • pregnancy
  • family responsibilities
  • age
  • race
  • impairment
  • religion
  • trade union activity
  • criminal record
  • political belief and activity
  • social origin
  • sexual orientation

6.1. Sexual Harassment

Any reports of discrimination or harassment will be treated seriously and investigated promptly confidentially and impartially. Disciplinary action will be taken against anyone who harasses a co-worker or client.
365 Facilities Management considers sexual harassment an unacceptable form of behaviour that will not be tolerated under any circumstances. 365 Facilities Management believes that all employees and contractors as well as its clients should be able to work in an environment free of intimidation and sexual harassment.
Individuals who believe they have been subjected to sexual harassment should report the incident to 365 Facilities Management management staff. Any allegation of sexual harassment brought to the attention of the management will be promptly investigated. Confidentiality will be maintained throughout the investigation to the extent that it is practical and appropriate under the circumstances.
If any party directly involved in a sexual harassment investigation is dissatisfied with the outcome or resolution, that individual has the right to appeal the decision. The dis-satisfied party should submit their written comments in a timely manner to management staff.
365 Facilities Management will not in any way retaliate against an individual who makes a complaint of sexual harassment or participates in an investigation nor will it permit within the law, any employee or contractor to do so. Retaliation is a serious violation of this sexual harassment policy and should be reported immediately. Any person found to have retaliated against another individual for reporting sexual harassment would be subject to the same disciplinary action provided for the sexual harassment offenders.
365 Facilities Management has developed this policy to ensure that its employees, contractors and clients can work in an environment free from sexual harassment. 365 Facilities Management will make every effort to ensure that personnel are familiar with the policy and know that any complaint received will be thoroughly investigated and appropriately resolved.
This policy is designed to protect employees, contractors and clients from harassment in any way associated with the workplace or work environment, no matter who the harasser is.

7.0 Company Property Policy

Workers issued with company property are required to maintain it in a satisfactory condition and account for such items as and when required.
Workers are to keep in safe custody all company tools and equipment.
All care should be taken when using company tools and equipment especially those of a fragile nature. Such property would include uniforms, technical manuals, keys, tools & equipment, test instruments etc.
Any worker leaving 365 Facilities Management will be required to return, in good condition, all company property on issue.
Any damage to tools or equipment due to unforeseen circumstances, or on a worn out basis shall be reported to management immediately, so it can be replaced for future use for you and your work colleagues.
All workers will be required to sign a document confirming the receipt of company property i.e.; keys, tools, literature and alike.
Any damages occured may result in recovered by the employee or contractor responsible

8.0 Customer Service Policy

Workers are at all times to conduct themselves in a pleasant, respectable and courteous manner during working hours or whilst displaying 365 Facilities Management name. All workers are expected to show respect for our clients with regards to their requests and their property. Workers should endeavour to undertake the following:
Attend jobs promptly. Contact the office or client if delayed. Greet and thank clients courteously.
Make every effort to protect client’s property without compromising safety.
Inform customers of the work carried out and, where possible, ensure that they are aware of any changes made. Ensure they have understood changes and the client is satisfied i.e. instructions on how to set sensor lights, timers, etc.
Ensure that all work completed or left unfinished overnight is left safe and tidy. Ensure all work sites are kept as clean and neat as possible at all times.
Be aware of any requirements individual clients may have in respect to access to their work site.
Workers should maintain a personal manner and appearance that will bring credit to 365 Facilities Management.
Improve customer service with image and improved housekeeping. Market additional services or products to customers if appropriate.
If an accident happens for whatever circumstance please report to management immediately.

9.0 Personal Protective Equipment Policy

All workers must have access to at least the following safety items at all times while on a job site and shall be used when appropriate.
Hearing protection such as earplugs and/or earmuffs shall be worn in noisy environments where noise is continual and loud.
Safety Glasses/Goggles shall be worn when airborne particles are created. Safety Boots should be worn at all times
Hard Hat shall be worn in designated areas and where there is a risk of objects falling.
Note: Studs, rings, neck chains, metal watches and other jewellery made with conductive materials shall be removed at before starting any work where there is a possibility of coming into contact with live equipment or being caught on a structure.

10.0     Intellectual Property Policy

It is the policy of 365 Facilities Management to operate our business in a manner that does not expose us or our clients or customers to any risk of loss or damage through the unauthorised disclosure of intellectual property. To achieve this, we reserve the right to exercise control over the manner in which intellectual property is accessed and protected, and to ensure that intellectual property is not disclosed without the authority of 365 Facilities Management.
We will develop and implement procedures to ensure that intellectual property of 365 Facilities Management is protected from unauthorised disclosure and misuse, and that confidentiality of information regarding customers, clients and other stakeholders is maintained. The types of information classed as intellectual property include propriety knowledge or know-how, trade secrets, technological information, and confidential information and details of customers and clients.
Management and supervisors of 365 Facilities Management will ensure that only those persons who are authorised to do so are given access to information of a sensitive or confidential nature and, where deemed necessary, require that those persons provide a written non-disclosure undertaking or confidentiality agreement.
To protect intellectual property and confidentiality of information, management and supervisors will ensure that only required confidential information as is necessary to enable the fulfilment of a task is provided to the persons carrying out the task. Workers and other persons who have access to the intellectual property of 365 Facilities Management (including trade secrets) may be required to sign a confidentiality agreement binding them to not disclose or reveal intellectual property or trade secrets of 365 Facilities Management that they have been provided with or have gained knowledge of by other means.
In cases where highly sensitive or critical information may be at risk of disclosure, 365 Facilities Management reserves the right to require persons applying for a position with 365 Facilities Management to provide additional background information (in accordance with Privacy laws) over that which may be required for a less sensitive position.

11.0     Confidentiality of Information Policy

365 Facilities Management will implement procedures to ensure that the intellectual property of 365 Facilities Management and confidential information regarding 365 Facilities Management and its business (including sensitive and confidential information relating to customers and clients) is not disclosed without the authority of 365 Facilities Management.
365 Facilities Management will develop and implement guidelines and procedures necessary to protect the intellectual property of 365 Facilities Management, and to ensure that all persons who have access to sensitive information and/or trade secrets have provided a written non-disclosure undertaking. These procedures will include that only those persons who are authorised to do so are given access to information of a sensitive nature or trade secrets (including technological knowledge, propriety knowledge, confidential information and other forms of intellectual property).
We may require a job applicant to provide additional background information over that which may be required for a less sensitive position in cases where highly sensitive or critical information may be at risk of disclosure. The types of information gathered and the method of collection will be carefully chosen to ensure that privacy and discrimination laws are not broken, and any information sought will be commensurate with the inherent requirements of the position.
Persons who have access to the intellectual property of a company during the course of their employment or contract with 365 Facilities Management may be required to sign a confidentiality agreement binding them to not disclose or reveal intellectual property or trade secrets of 365 Facilities Management that they have been provided with or have gained a knowledge of by any other means

12.0     Privacy of Information Policy

It is the policy of 365 Facilities Management to operate our business in a manner that consistently meets or exceeds the legal rights of persons in regard to the privacy and confidentiality of information relating to them by ensuring compliance with the provisions of relevant privacy legislation.
As an organisation, we will ensure that only such information as is necessary for employment and business purposes is collected and that this information will only be accessible by persons who are specifically authorised to access the information.
We acknowledge that the privacy principles are designed to protect the rights of the individual, yet still allow access by particular authorities in specific circumstances and for specific purposes. To meet our obligation to comply with these principles under privacy laws, we will ensure that these principles are adhered to by management of the organisation and all of our employees and agents.
We will ensure that we comply with these principles in regard to –

  • The necessity of personal information to be collected, and the means of collection of this information
  • The use or disclosure of personal information about an individual
  • Ensuring that information held is accurate, complete, and up to date
  • The protection of information from misuse, loss and unauthorised access, modification or disclosure
  • The way in which personal information is managed, including the right of individuals to know what type of personal information relating to them is collected, held, used or disclosed
  • Allowing individuals reasonable access to information held about them to the extent allowed by law
  • The identification of individuals
  • The right of individuals to anonymity when entering into transactions where lawful and practicable
  • The transfer of personal information to persons in a foreign country except where allowed by law, and
  • The collection of sensitive information without consent or legal authority

13.0     Fatigue Management Policy

It is the policy of 365 Facilities Management to ensure that workers do not place their own health and safety or the health and safety of others at risk. To achieve this, we are committed to providing and maintaining a working environment in which workers are not exposed to hazards arising from the impairment from fatigue resulting from excessive or unreasonable working hours.
We will strive to ensure that all workers engaged by 365 Facilities Management either as employees or contractors, are in a fit condition to safely carry out their work, or that workers are not impaired in any way by the effects of fatigue or stress. To achieve this, no person will be allowed to enter a workplace or carry out work while suspected of being impaired by or suffering adverse effects of fatigue or stress.
We will take all reasonable precautions in the placement of workers to ensure that hours of work, shifts, rosters and workplace conditions do not create an unacceptable risk of fatigue. Workers will not be required to work more than 12 hours per day wherever possible, and work in excess of these hours will be subject to a risk assessment to ensure the safety and well-being of workers. Rosters will be designed to ensure that workers are provided with reasonable rest periods between shifts.
All workers will ensure that they report to work in a physical, mental and behavioural condition that will allow them to perform their duties competently and in a manner that does not place themselves or others at the workplace at risk. This will require that workers ensure that they obtain sufficient rest before commencing work to ensure that they can carry out work during their shift in a safe and effective manner, and to observe any other relevant fatigue management strategies that they have been instructed in and are required to carry out.

14.0     Fit for Duty Policy

It is the policy of 365 Facilities Management to ensure that we fulfil our duties under health and safety legislation by ensuring that workers do not place their own health and safety or the health and safety of others at risk. To achieve this, we are committed to providing and maintaining a working environment in which workers are not exposed to hazards arising from the adverse effects of alcohol or drugs use, or impairment from fatigue, stress, or other medical or physical conditions.
We will strive to ensure that all workers engaged by 365 Facilities Management, either as employees or contractors, are in a fit condition to safely carry out their work, or that workers are not impaired in any way by the effects of alcohol or drugs use, or fatigue or stress. To achieve this, no person will be allowed to enter a workplace or carry out work while impaired by alcohol or drugs, or suffering adverse effects of fatigue or stress, illness, injury or other medical or physical impairment.
All workers will ensure that they report to work in a physical, mental and behavioural condition that will allow them to perform their duties competently and in a manner that does not place themselves or others at the workplace at risk. This will require them to ensure that they are able to comply with company or organisation requirements for alcohol and drugs impairment and that workers ensure that they obtain sufficient rest before commencing work to ensure that they can carry out work during their shift in a safe and effective manner.
Any workers who are suffering a medical or physical illness, injury or other condition must inform their supervisor prior to commencing work to enable an assessment of their ability to carry out their work in a manner that will not affect their work health and safety and the health and safety of others to be carried out. In cases where an assessment by a medical practitioner is necessary to assess whether a worker is unable to carry out their duties, the costs of the medical appointment will be borne by 365 Facilities Management.

15.0     Grievances and Disputes Policy

It is our policy to at all times minimise the effects of and eliminate lost time resulting from disputation. Furthermore it is clearly recognised that it is in the best interest of all parties to achieve prompt resolution of disputes.
It is therefore agreed that the most effective procedure to achieve this goal is for the responsibility for resolution to remain as close to the source as possible.
It is with this strategy foremost in mind that all parties agree to strictly adhere to the dispute settlement procedure as follows:
In the first instance of a dispute, the worker and direct supervisor shall make every effort to genuinely resolve any matter prior to any involvement of a third party. All work shall continue without interruption whilst the worker discusses the dispute with the employer’s representative and concerted efforts shall be made by all parties to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.
No dispute shall be referred to a higher level until a genuine attempt to resolve the matter has been made between the parties.
In the event that the matter cannot be resolved at this level, the worker and/or supervisor shall raise the matter with management for resolution.
Failing a satisfactory settlement being achieved following the above process, the dispute may, in accordance with the dispute resolution procedure contained in the Award, be referred to the relevant Industrial Relations Commission where a decision made shall be binding on all parties.
All workers agree to avoid becoming involved in any disputes that do not directly concern 365 Facilities Management, or themselves. If the worker is under a workplace agreement then the dispute resolution clause in the agreement will apply.

16.0     Mobile Phones, Email and Internet Policy

Mobile Phones

Company supplied mobile phones shall not to be used for personal use. However, we will accept the occasional personal call where the call is essential. Where there are an unreasonable amount of personal calls, it will be to the expense of the worker. The worker authorises the deduction of such expenses of any monies owing.
The use of personal mobile phones is only to be used in a emergency or within meal breaks. Mobile phones shall be returned prior to a worker going on leave and/or as otherwise directed.
Answering mobile phone calls or texting while driving is strictly prohibited. It is required the use of a mobile phone only be used when the vehicle comes to a complete stop in a safe location, this includes for vehicles with hands free car kits.
Landline telephones should be used whenever possible when calling another landline. Mobile lines should be used only when making calls to mobile phones.
The number and duration of mobile calls should be limited to a minimum.
Workers will ensure they are in a safe position to take or make a call (e.g. not while driving).
Mobile phones should be used in an open space, or near a window, to obtain a clear signal without having to increase power.

Email and Internet

Workers must access the internet only in performing legal, business-related tasks during normal working hours. Unless authorisation is obtained from management, private use of the internet is not to take place at any Worker’s workstation.
We reserve the right to determine how and when to dispose of all information that enters the organisation via the internet, including mail messages, text, graphics, programs, web pages, etc. We reserve the right to log all accesses to the internet to confirm that users are abiding by this policy.
Users must report any security violations involving the internet to management as soon as possible and assist in investigating and resolving the problem.
The following items are classed as unacceptable use of email:

  • The transmission or distribution of offensive material to any person, whether a fellow worker or otherwise, in any email message.
  • No information should be included which infringes State or Commonwealth Acts, or company policies on Sexual Harassment, Workplace Harassment and Discrimination.
  • Use of offensive, discriminatory or defamatory language.
  • Message (particularly external email message) containing information which contravenes any internal Operating Guideline, Email messages must not contain any information which may risk our professional reputation, or leave users or ourselves open to any legal action.
  • Messages that infringe the copyright or intellectual property rights of any third parties.
  • Representing you as someone else, real or fictional or sending email anonymously.
  • Transmission of unsolicited commercial information (i.e. junk mail, advertising).
  • Expressing of personal views and opinions as if they constituted official commentary from 365 Facilities Management.

Offensive or Inappropriate Material

The use of systems must be appropriate to a workplace environment. This includes but is not limited to the content of all electronic communications, whether sent internally or externally, downloaded from the internet or accessed by any other means on our systems. The systems must not be used to access, store, and distribute material that is pornographic, harassing, hateful, racist, sexist, abusive, obscene, discriminatory, offensive or threatening. This includes sexually orientated messages or images, and messages that could constitute sexual harassment.
All users of systems should be familiar with and use systems in accordance with discrimination, sexual harassment and workplace harassment policies. Users of systems who receive unsolicited offensive or inappropriate material electronically should notify management immediately. Such material must not be forwarded internally or externally, or saved onto our systems except where the material is required for the purposes of investigating a breach of this policy.

Social Media

It is the policy of 365 Facilities Management to operate our business in a manner that does not expose us or our clients or customers to any risk of loss or damage through the use or misuse of social media. To achieve this, we expect employees to maintain a certain standard of behaviour when using social media for work or personal purposes.
This policy applies to all employees, contractors and subcontractors who contribute to or perform duties such as:

  • maintaining a profile page for 365 Facilities Management on any social or business networking site (including, but not limited to LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter)
  • making comments on such networking sites for and on behalf of 365 Facilities Management
  • Writing or contributing to a blog and/or commenting on other people’s or business’ blog posts for and on behalf of 365 Facilities Management, and/or
  • posting comments for and on behalf of 365 Facilities Management on any public and/or private web- based forums or message boards or other internet sites.

365 Facilities Management acknowledges that employees, contractors and subcontractors have the right to contribute content to public communications on websites, blogs and business or social networking sites not operated by 365 Facilities Management. However, inappropriate behaviour on such sites has the potential to cause damage to 365 Facilities Management, as well as its employees, clients, business partners and/or suppliers. Employees, contractors and subcontractors of 365 Facilities Management must agree to not publish any material in any form which identifies themselves as being associated with 365 Facilities Management or its clients, business partners or suppliers unless authorised or agreed to by 365 Facilities Management.
All employees, contractors and subcontractors of 365 Facilities Management must also refrain from posting, sending, forwarding or using, in any way, any inappropriate material including but not limited to material which:

  • is intended to (or could possibly) cause insult, offence, intimidation or humiliation to 365 Facilities Management or its clients, business partners or suppliers;
  • is defamatory or could adversely affect the image, reputation, viability or profitability of 365 Facilities Management or its clients, business partners or suppliers; and/or
  • contains any form of confidential information relating to 365 Facilities Management or its clients, business partners or suppliers.

All employees, contractors and subcontractors of 365 Facilities Management are required to comply with this policy. Any breach of this policy will be treated seriously and may result in disciplinary action including termination of employment or, for contractors and subcontractors, the termination or non-renewal of contractual arrangements.

17.0     Motor Vehicle Policy

Approved Drivers

The driver of a company vehicle must be a worker of 365 Facilities Management or an approved subcontractor and the driver must be fully licensed to drive the classification of the vehicle. People who are not workers (or an approved subcontractor) or workers who are unlicensed are not permitted to drive company vehicles. Workers with a Learner’s Licence who wish to drive company vehicles must seek permission from management first.
A photocopy of each driver’s current licence is to be provided. This will be kept as a record in the Worker’s file. Workers are to notify management immediately of any change to the status or validity of the licence.
If a driver is unfit to drive because of ill health, suspensions or cancellation of licence, the driver must advise management. A worker who loses his or her driver’s licence shall be dismissed if the job required the use of a vehicle and if no other arrangements are available.

Private Use

No motor vehicle is to be used for personal or private use without prior consent of management. However, management will occasionally accept that personal or private use of the motor vehicle is essential without prior notification. This does not include extended trips etc, which would need to be approved by management.
Workers may use company vehicles, (at the discretion of management), that have been allocated to them to drive to and from work. The worker shall take the vehicle only to work at all times. When not in use by the designated drivers, the vehicle may be utilised by other approved personnel. The vehicle may also be used when the worker is rostered on call, or when he or she may otherwise have good reason to believe that they may be called upon to work, and on the proviso that he or she will be available if called to work.
Vehicles are to be parked in a secure location when not in use. Off street parking, if available, is the minimum requirement at a workers residence. Cars must be locked when unattended and no items such as mobiles or computers that could tempt entry to the vehicle be left in view.

Care of Company Vehicle

The driver of each vehicle is responsible for the basic maintenance of that vehicle. No smoking will be permitted in any vehicle.
Basic maintenance should include, as a minimum, monitoring & replenishing vital fluids and lubricants:

  • Fuel;
  • Engine Oil;
  • Coolant;
  • Washer Fluids;

Tyre pressure should also be monitored.
Anything supplied from 365 Facilities Management within the vehicle e.g. First Aid Kits or Fire Extinguishers.
The driver is expected to keep the inside and outside of the vehicle clean and presentable at all times. Stock in vehicles should be kept in good condition and in a tidy order.
No alterations, additions or modifications are to be made to vehicles without approval.
It is the driver’s responsibility to make sure any load on the vehicle is properly restrained. Any fines incurred from this or any other traffic infringements will be paid by the driver.
It is the driver’s responsibility to bring to management’s immediate attention any fault that could render the vehicle unsafe or un-roadworthy. Vehicles must not be driven when unsafe, un-roadworthy or in a condition that is likely to cause damage to the vehicle. Management must be notified when a service is due and this will be arranged ASAP.
All damages occuered may be recovered by the driver responsible regardless of the cause.

Fuel Charge Cards

Fuel Charge cards are to be used for the purchase of fuel and oil etc. No miscellaneous purchases are permitted on these cards.


Company vehicles are insured for theft or accidental damage to third party. Property carried in the vehicle, whether company or private property is not insured. Workers may wish to arrange through their own insurer for private property to be covered while kept in a company vehicle.
If a worker is found to be negligent or operating the vehicle illegally, the worker will be responsible for the payment of any fine or insurance excesses, and authorise the deduction of such from any monies owing.
Under the current insurance policy, company vehicles are not covered from the workers residence. Vehicles are to be locked and secured whilst left unattended at all times.

Traffic Offences and Accidents

Any traffic violation or offence of any sort committed by a worker will remain the sole responsibility of that worker. We will not be liable for any fines or penalties as a result of vehicle use by its workers at any time. The driver of any vehicle who has knowledge of a formal notice of an offence must notify management immediately.
The worker responsible for any vehicle that is involved or suspected of being involved in any accident is to report the accident to management in writing as soon as possible.
Note: Where the worker is negligent, the worker will be responsible for payment, which may necessitate the deduction of monies from wages.
A driver of a company vehicle should know what to do if he or she has an accident. Information can be provided, if necessary, by management.

Alcohol and Drugs

A company vehicle must not be used by any driver who is affected by drugs, prescribed or social, or alcohol. No worker can drive a company vehicle with a blood alcohol level above the prescribed limit (insurance becomes void), or be under the influence of medication and/or social drugs which may impair performance.
No support will be provided for any worker who suffers any consequences as a result of being in control of a company vehicle whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
A worker, who is found to be affected by alcohol or drugs, will pay for any damage to a company vehicle, other vehicles, people or property as a result of an accident where that worker is the driver of a company vehicle.
A worker who is found to have driven under the influence of drugs or alcohol may be dismissed.


Any worker who does not abide by this policy will receive a written warning on the first occasion or may be dismissed. Immediate dismissal could result if a worker is found to be in control of a company vehicle whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Dismissal could also result if a worker steals from us or by using the fuel purchase card (if applicable) for private purchases.
If a worker causes damage to a vehicle through his or her own negligence, then that worker may be required to pay for the repair of the damage.
Failure to comply with the above policies may result in the removal of vehicle usage or disciplinary action.

18.0     Licensing Policy

365 Facilities Management ensure that persons who operate items of high-risk plant or machinery or carry out certain occupations are competent to do so, and have obtained the education and training required in the task for a certificate or license to be issued to allow them to carry out the task in a safe manner.
We will ensure that work classified as high risk work is only be carried out by persons who are suitably trained in the task, are specifically exempted by regulations. Where a licence for high risk work is not required to operate plant or to carry out an occupation, the person who will carry out the work will be required to provide suitable evidence of competency before being allowed to carry out the work.
We will ensure that workers and contractors will ensure that only persons with current certificates or licences for a class of work carry out specified tasks and operate specified plant and equipment in areas under their control. 365 Facilities Management will implement and maintain a register listing the names and qualifications of persons who are competent to carry out work requiring a licence or similar competency.
Licence holders will ensure that they carry their licence on their person at all times for inspection by a company or principal contractor representative, or an inspector from the regulating authority when requested. Licence holders will ensure that their licence remains current, and ensure that they renew their licence every 5 years as required by legislation.
Supervisors will ensure that adequate suitably licensed or qualified workers are available to carry out work for which a licence or certificate is required, and to ensure that unlicensed or unqualified persons do not operate the plant or equipment unless they are specifically exempted by regulations (such as a trainee who is working under the direction of a licensed person). Workers must not carry out work for which they are not licensed or competent.

19.0     Policy Breach/s

The Company may terminate any Agreement/s without notice, in the event of a fundamental breach of any Agreement/s & policies. In the event that the Company terminates an Agreement for a fundamental breach, the Employee/Contractor will: (a)be paid any amount owing to the Employee/Contractor in respect of services provided up to and including the date of termination, (b)not be entitled to any notice of the termination or payment in lieu of notice of termination and, (c)not be entitled to any compensation other than as specifically provided for in the Agreement. The Employee/Company may terminate any Agreement immediately if the Employee/Contractor becomes insolvent or bankrupt within the meaning of either section 9 of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) or the Bankruptcy Act 1966 (Cth). The Company may terminate any Agreement at any time without cause by: (a)giving the Employee/Contractor written notice or, (b)in lieu of notice, paying the Employee/Contractor the Fees for the amount of work it would have performed during the Notice Period. Employee/Contractor’s continuing liability: (a)Termination of any Agreement by the Employee/Company will not release the Employee/Contractor from liability in respect of any breach or non-performance of any obligation under this Agreement, (b)Termination of this Agreement by either party will not release the Employee/Contractor from the Confidentiality and Intellectual Property obligations of this Agreement. Upon termination the Company will be entitled to reimbursement of the following costs: (a)Employee/Company Property that is not returned in good working order immediately on termination of this Agreement and, (b)any overpayment or other monetary benefits. The Employee/Company may recover these amounts by setting-off against any amount owed to the Employee/Contractor by the Company.

In the event of an employee breaches any company policies he or she may be terminated without notice and can also held liable to recover any damages or loss of income. In the event of an employee or a contractor breaches any non-solicitation clause/s they may be liable for any damages and or loss of income up to 12months and will be recoverable as personal indemnity basis.