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Using the most advanced ride on sweepers, scrubbers and pressure washers, car parks are cleaner than ever before. 365 FM understands the importance of maintaining a car park to a high standard in order to attract customers, make it safe and appealing for visitors and clients, and deter vandalism and crime.

Whether you have a single, multi-storey or underground car park, often the car park is the first place of entry, and plays a major part in making a positive first impression for your business.

365 FM offers a full suite of car park and basement cleaning services to ensure your car park satisfies the occupational health and safety requirements and leaves a good first impression for your customers, clients and visitors.

We offer pressure cleaning, power scrubbing, power sweeping, steam cleaning, degreasing, concrete grinding, pothole patching, removal of litter and debris, gum removal, graffiti removal, broken glass removal, and cleaning of signs, booms and ticket machines. Investing in a regular car park cleaning service is a great way to boost your property values, reduce long-term maintenance costs, make it safe for users and employees, and encourage new customers. industry studies have confirmed that neat, clean and attractive looking car parks encourage more customers and elicit fewer complaints than facilities that are dusty, dirty, littered with rubbish, or have unmaintained appearances. This is true whether the facility charges for parking or provides it for free.

Rubbish, spillages, excessive dust and accumulated sand and debris can damage surfaces, cause erosion to hard surfaces, and increase the risk of slips, falls and other hazardous conditions causing accidents. These all of course impact your bottom line.

365 FM also have the best products and experience to seal the concrete in your car park in order to help preserve it and prevent staining, making it easier to clean on a regular basis.

So whether you require a one-off service, or a regular, ongoing full-service maintenance program for your commercial or industrial car park, 365 FM can tailor a cleaning package to suit your needs and budget.

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