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Minor clean ups through to major wall rectifications. Did you know, when it comes to removing graffiti, the most important factor is acting fast? Often the difficulty in removing graffiti is determined by the length of time it has been present. So the sooner you act, the better the end result. However, equally as important is that a quick response will reduce the thrill factor for graffiti vandals, who typically move on to another property that does not bother to deal with removal as quickly. And deterring repeat attacks will save you money and lost time.

365 FM can provide your business with an effective, fast, and safe graffiti removal service, no matter the surface or where it is located, indoors or outdoors. We have the experience and know-how to restore graffiti marked areas to their original condition. Every case is different, and removal methods will depend on the surface type and the substance used for the graffiti. 365 FM uses specialised removal agents, and can also apply protection coatings to make repeat attacks a simpler removal process.

There’s no doubting that graffiti is an unsightly form of visual pollution, that can damage your business’s image, and create an unsafe or insecure feeling in the eyes of your visitors and customers. So don’t wait, be sure to act fast on graffiti.

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