Pest Control Services

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Pest Control Services

365 FM will be responsible for the supervision, labor, materials and equipment necessary to accomplish all aspects of the IPM program, including the surveillance, monitoring, trapping, pesticide application and pest removal components of the IPM Program. Also for providing written, site-specific recommendations to the client about any conditions, structural, sanitary or procedural modifications that would reduce food, water, harborage, access or environmental conditions favorable to pests. We also have the ability to carry out minor structural pest prevention modifications or services, such as caulking, as part of the pest management effort or as deemed necessary by the client. 365 FM shall also be responsible for completely filling out Quality Assurance Forms with each site visit and will leave them with the appropriate client or before leaving the site.

Building Inspections and Pest Management Evaluations

365FM shall perform an initial pest management inspection and evaluation at each site or at the discretion of the client.

Building inspections shall be thorough and complete. Inspection reports shall be presented to the client at least five (5) working days prior to the start of any pest management project in that building. The purpose of the initial inspections is for the client to evaluate the pest management needs of the premises and to identify problem areas and any equipment, structural features, behavioral or management practices that are contributing to pest infestations.

Service Schedule

365 FM shall provide complete service schedules for each building or site, including frequency of visits, specific day(s) of the week of visits and approximation duration of each visit. The frequency shall be based upon pest problems and shall be approved by the client and 365 FM. Amendments to the service schedule may occur due to changes in the pest populations and should be noted on the Pest Management Plan and on the Quality Assurance Form.

Monitoring, Surveillance and Results

365 FM shall describe methods and procedures to be used for identifying sites of pest harborage and access, and for making objective assessments of pest presence and population levels throughout the term of the contract.

Structural and Operational Changes

365 FM shall recommend and describe site-specific solutions to pest management issues, including structural and operational changes, for observed sources of pest food, water, harborage and pest access at the time of inspection on the Quality Assurance Form. 365 FM would then be required to carry out minor structural pest prevention modifications or services, such as caulking, as part of the pest management effort or as deemed necessary by the Facility Manager.

Record Keeping

365 FM shall be responsible for maintaining pest management records for all activities specified by the client. Records shall include labels and MSDS for all pesticide products and other chemicals used in buildings, brand names and descriptions of all pest management devices and equipment used in buildings.

Pest Management Plans

365 FM and the client will work together to design specific Pest Management Plan (PMP) for each site. The PMP will contain a list of buildings on that site, the known and probable pests, the site contact information, information about restrictions on access and a list of approved pest management techniques for that site.

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