Pool Maintenance Services

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Pool Maintenance Services

Grass clippings, falling leaves, dead insects and even the germs and sweat leaving your body can easily collect on the surface of the water and make your pool dirty. Even with powerful filtration systems, swimming pools need a lot of weekly maintenance. If you don't have time to clean your pool or check the equipment yourself, 365 Facilities Management can help you in keeping your pool safe and ready to use.

Our team of experts can keep your pool in peak swimming condition by cleaning and replacing its filter regularly. We can also organise frequent equipment and drainage checks. During each visit, we also account for the seasonal impact and changing weather, so that your pool is healthy all year round.

Whether you require a one-time pool cleaning service or regular maintenance of your residential or commercial pools, our specialists come fully equipped with a wide range of tools, chemicals and spare parts to clean your pools. Our experts can also guide you on how to operate your pool equipment properly and understand your pool chemistry including PH levels, correct chlorine levels and treatments required to clean the water.

Some of the pool maintenance services we provide:
  • Pool & Spa Cleaning
  • Pool Troubleshooting
  • Filter Cleaning & Degreasing
  • Pool Equipment Supplies
  • Filter Replacement
  • Pool Plumbing & Installation
  • Pool Chemical Supplies
  • Onsite Instructions

We love to help our clients extract the most out of their swimming pools. Call us today to hire our maintenance services professionals!

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