Smoke Alarm Installation Services

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Smoke Alarm Installation ServicesSmoke Alarm Installation Services

Smoke alarms are handy little devices that have helped in saving many lives over the years. They are recommended within homes and are often a legal obligation within commercial premises being the first port of defence in case of a fire. At 365 Facilities Management, we specialise in the installation, maintenance and repair of smoke alarms.

We have Australia’s most comprehensive and simple smoke alarm compliance system. Our team of professionals evaluate the best places to install these life-saving devices and installs them at your convenience. We deliver the quickest and easiest installations and promise you the assurance that those within your property will be alerted to a fire immediately. We can install both battery run and electronically powered alarms and can even help you decide if you are unsure about your choices.

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  • Quality, cost-effective services
  • Practical fire and security safety solutions
  • Skilled and reliable team members
  • Operate across the nation
  • Affordable rates

Smoke alarms might not be able to put a fire out but will definitely be able to alert in case of a mishap. Call us today to avail this incredibly beneficial service for your house or office space.

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