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Our Capability

365FM has been providing quality cleaning services to the commercial sector of Australia since 2001. We have been an industry leader for over 14 years, specialising in supermarkets and large format retail store cleaning.

We have the operational and financial capability to deliver professional contract cleaning services to the commercial, educational and industrial sectors.

Our teams are highly experienced in a wide variety of environments including retail, shopping centres, high-rise offices, industrial premises, warehouses, educational and other public facilities.

We have the experience and know-how to provide any cleaning, hygiene and sanitisation need you require.

Our management team and cleaning teams understand the specialist nature of our customer's requirements and have a strong customer service reputation, complimented with excellent people skills.

How We Deliver

Understanding our customer's requirements and providing flexible, customised solutions, packaging our services to best suit the needs, KPI's and expectations of our customers.

Ensuring any team member interacting with our customers is professionally trained to deliver on the customer's specific requirements and expectations.

Establishing performance measurement criteria and developing ISO certified quality management processes to monitor and deliver on the agreed outcomes.

In-depth and professional reporting processes, that are independently verified, to ensure contract performance transparency. By ethical negotiating practices and partnering with the best value for money service providers. Sourcing innovative productive machinery from across the globe to enable 365FM to pass on the savings associated with reduced labour and product costs to our customers.

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Environmental Commitment

At 365FM we recognise that caring for the environment is critical to everything we do.

That is why we are committed to the use of product and service technologies and best practices that safeguard the environment and reduce our carbon footprint, without compromising service delivery.

365FM aims to improve environmental impacts by using high-tech cleaning equipment to reduce chemical usage while also lowering customer costs, and delivering a quality finish.

Protecting the Environment Together

At 365FM, we take our environmental obligations seriously by:

  • Developing, implementing and supporting a full Environmental Management System in line with ISO 1401-2004.
  • Understanding that our customers want to do the right thing by the environment, their team, their customers, their visitors and the local communities in which they operate
  • Making available to our customers the highest quality “readily bio-degradable” cleaning products, supported by the latest in environmentally friendly cleaning machinery that reduces water and chemical consumption
  • In conjunction with our manufacturing partners, develop and produce innovative equipment that reduces overall environmental impact
  • Ensuring our teams are full trained in relation to their responsibility to work within the guidelines of the 365FM Environmental Management System.
  • Adopting appropriate site pollution control measures
  • Implementing a process of continuous improvement with regards to research and development of new equipment and processes to reduce environmental impacts.

Recycling & Waste Management

A quality, sustainable waste management program is an important factor in meeting your business's environmental management targets.

At 365FM, we are able to deliver on our customers recycling management strategy requirements, or work with and tailor a package to meet our business's needs.

From the supply of all equipment and specific signage, to the sorting and management of all recyclable material.

365FM will work closely with customers to deliver their recycle management plan, and actively promote environmental awareness among workers to reduce their environmental impact.

Environmental Management Plan

365FM's EMP is a multi-level approach to environmental management that is based on meeting both our customer's and 365FM's environmental obligations. You can rest assured that 365FM will fully support and strengthen your company's environmental obligations and targets.

Custom Designed Services

achieving a quality outcome. From your very first interaction with 365FM, you will recognise our company-wide commitment to consistently delivering on your cleaning requirements and exceeding your expectations.

All of our staff are assigned to specific projects, meaning that they are familiar with the location and aware of any issues raised in the past. Staff are carefully selected based on qualifications and experience, and undergo a highly regarded induction and training program in relation to your specific cleaning requirements.

All team members are supervised and monitored by highly skilled cleaning professionals, and senior management play an active role in reviewing service delivery performance, through visual inspections and regular internal audits.

Equipment & Product Innovation

Innovation and technology play a large part in environmental management, and 365FM is at the forefront of utilising and continuously seeking new equipment and processes to reduce our environmental impact.

365FM holds a strong commitment to developing and using environmentally friendly cleaning products that are safe for people and the environment.

We work closely with chemical and consumable suppliers to develop, trial and evaluate product efficiency.

We continually seek feedback from customers and our staff with an emphasis on creating a better “working environment” via equipment that has increased safety features, reduced water usage, a reduction in noise and the removal of CO2 emissions.


365FM deliver on this commitment by:

  • Using environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • Consistent with the ISO 14001-2004 Environmental Management standard
  • Conducting Risk Assessment and Management Plans to reduce environmental impacts whilst maintaining high quality service standards
  • Maintaining machinery to the best possible standard to ensure maximum energy efficiency, minimal use of water & cleaning products and to control emissions
  • Providing training and supervision to employees to ensure the protection of the environment, in accordance with the site's environmental management plan
  • Operating according to the relevant water use efficiency guidelines
  • Adopting appropriate site pollution control measures
  • Maintaining a monitoring and reporting program to continually assess environmental performance, and environmental management
  • Implementing a process of continuous improvement with regards to research and development of new equipment and processes to reduce environmental impacts.
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